Terry T. Orozco, MBA

Principal and Trustee

Mr. Orozco serves as the Principal and Trustee for Orozco Capital Trust. With a Masters degree in Business Administration and BA in Management, Mr. Orozco began his real estate investment career in 1979 by developing, leasing, and managing multi-family and commercial real estate. Simultaneously developing his real estate investment knowledge as a mortgage officer in commercial banking, he continued his investment career by becoming a licensed financial and investment advisor. Mr. Orozco's over 30 years of experience in real estate investment, his knowledge of the mortgage markets, and his understanding of the financial securities industry are invaluable assets to the ongoing success of Orozco Capital Trust. He served as a sergeant in the Marines and Reserves earning his parachute jump wings. Has traveled extensively, visiting over 90 different countries. In addition, Mr. Orozco is a Commercial Rated helicopter pilot and oversees Orozco Capital Trust's helicopter operations.


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Orozco Capital Trust

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